About Me

Brittany, Owner & Coordinator

Born & raised in Phoenix, AZ, I'm a recent bride myself and dog mom to two of the best pups around. I enjoy netflix binges, hiking when it's not 120°, and most of all planning! I planned my entire wedding on my own and the only thing I would change is having a coordinator. It's not something I thought about or least of all budgeted for. I know what's like to be a young bride, cutting as much corners as you can to have a perfect day. But believe me, this is one corner I would go back and uncut.

That's why I started Desert Girl, to provide an option for budget brides who planned everything and just needs a point person on the big day. The last thing you should worry about is making sure the caterer has ice or the photographers get their tip. I know it all because I went through it all. I have years of event planning and management under my belt, I'm here to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch!